How to care for yourself after the sexual abuse?


Self care is as important, if not more important than receiving care from others. This form of car takes your own initiative to look after yourself and provides you with a sense of worth and self esteem, knowing that you are able to take care and look after yourself.

You have been sexually assaulted; the reality is that you may be suffering the effects of this abuse, yet knowing that each day that passes, takes you further away from the traumatic experience you had faced and closer to your completed recovery as a survivor and thriver.

Self care will slowly become easier to do as time passes by, you will begin to develop a habit of caring for yourself making it your focus to maintain your physical and emotional health.


Maintain Good Health Care

After experiencing an act of sexual abuse you can find it easy to put off going to the doctor and keeping to your appointments. Try and fight this and stick to your check up’s and medical exams. Small health problems that may have been simple to care for may become complicated if left untreated.

Get Some Sleep

Sleep is a time to rest and recharge, without adequate sleep in our daily lives, we struggle to function and cope with simple tasks, let alone coping with a sexual assault. Most people need an average of 7 -10 hours of sleep per night, make sure you are getting your nights rest to take on the days ahead.

Eat Well

Healthy nutrition is one of the greatest weapons to have in your arsenal to equip you to fight the battle toward recovery and healing. Although it is often difficult for you to maintain consistent meals throughout the day, it is highly beneficial to mental and physical functioning to eat healthily and remain balanced.

Keep Moving

Staying active and exercising can greatly improve mental health and recovery. Exercising for only 30 minutes 2 or 3 times a week can improve your feelings and energy levels considerably. Brisk exercises include walking, jogging, cycling, getting to the gym, or any events that you may have been involved in prior to your sexual event such as playing golf, meeting with friends for tennis or any activity you enjoy participating in. Keep on doing them!

Breathing And Relaxation

Meditation and breathing techniques often work in creating relaxation and calmness from our soul outward. Many people find great value in these techniques to restore and maintain their positive mental and physical health. Have a look around for a technique that may work for you, but for a start try the techniques below;

  • Sit comfortably on a nice chair with your back straight and feet flat and comfortable resting on the floor.
  • Place one hand over your belly button while breathing in slowly through your nose for a count of 4 seconds, allowing your tummy to expand as you inhale. Try and relax your stomach muscles as you inhale through your nose.
  • Try and hold your breath for 4 seconds and slowly breathe out and allow the air to escape through your mouth. Focus on breathing in positive energy and euphoria and exhaling the negative fumes entrapped within you. Keep your shoulders relaxed and your head resting gently on your neck as if it were afloat.
  • Continue with this breathing technique for as many deep breathes as you feel soothing, this will create a relaxed state and calm aura about you. If you feel sleepy that’s great, go have a nice nap and feel the relaxation surge through your body. Continue this exercise any time you feel stressed or just need to take some time out. A little breathing goes a long way.

Inspied by an article from Association Of Alberta Sexual Assault Services


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