MYTH: Boys and men can’t become victims of sexual abuse.

Boys and men of all sexual orientation can, and do become victims of sexual abuse, rape and violence. Male sexual abuse is a serious crime that affects many men all over the world; it is incorrect to say that the male is always the perpetrator and the female always the victim.

MYTH: All sexual abusers are male.

This is Wrong! Although the vast majority of sexual abusers are male, females can also be sexually abusive and violent, causing as much, if not more harm than a male sexual perpetrator.

MYTH: You will become gay or bisexual after being sexually abused.

In no way is an act of sexual abuse related to your sexual orientation and your choices. This is not magic, sexual abuse is a criminal offence and in no way can it make you gay or bisexual. You may feel confused due to the traumatic nature of the event, but it cannot change your beliefs.

MYTH: Men can deal with sexual abuse better than women.

Wrong! Males may be even more damaged by society’s rejection and reluctance to accept their victimization. The belief that men are strong and emotionless has created a trend for men to put up with their abuse alone and in silence. The long term effects of male sexual abuse are detrimental to both men and women and causes serious suffering and trauma for any victim.

MYTH: It was your fault if you were sexually abused.

Being sexually abused is never your fault! For no reason should you ever blame yourself for what happened. The only way for a rape or sexual violation to occur is if there is a sexual criminal or rapist present. They are responsible for everything and are the ones to blame!


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