Training for professionals


A one-day professional development workshop for people working with men who were sexually abused or raped

This workshop is designed for anyone working with (or thinking of working with) male survivors, professionally or in the voluntary sector, including therapists, counsellors, social workers, medical personnel, teachers, police, clergy and students.

Mike Lew will present and review knowledge and skills found to be useful when working with male survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Topics include:

  • A greater understanding of effective (and ineffective) approaches for working with non-offending adult male survivors of sexual child abuse and other trauma.
  • Understanding the difficulties and realities of recovery.
  • Gaining information about specific needs of male survivors


17th September 2013   – GIBS Business School


25th September  2013 – Backsberg Estate

COST:R895 including refreshments, lunch and notes

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Mike Lew, M.Ed., a psychotherapist and group therapy leader in the Boston, MA area, is co-director of The Next Step Counseling and Training Centre.

As a cultural anthropologist specializing in the field of Culture and Personality (Psychological Anthropology), he worked with the late Margaret Mead and Colin Turnbull. After further training in Counseling Psychology, he became a leading expert on recovery from sexual child abuse, particularly issues of male survivors.

Mike Lew has worked with thousands of men and women in their healing from the effects of childhood sexual abuse, rape, physical violence, emotional abuse and neglect. The development of strategies for recovery from incest and other abuse, particularly for men, has been a major focus of his work as a counsellor and group leader.

He conducts public lectures, workshops for survivors, and trainings and consultations for mental health, medical, human service, clergy, law enforcement, and other professionals throughout the United States and Canada and in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Mike has taught at The City College of New York, Quinnipiac College, The College of New Rochelle and University of California at Santa Cruz.

His publications include Victims No Longer: The Classic Guide for Men Recovering from Sexual Child Abuse (Second Edition, Revised and Updated Quill, 2004). The first book written specifically for men recovering from sexual child abuse, Victims No Longer continues to earn praise for both its clinical expertise and compassionate tone, educating survivors and professionals about the recovery process, speaking to the pain, needs, fears and hopes of the adult male survivor.

Mike’s second book is Leaping Upon the Mountains (Small Wonder Books and North Atlantic Books, 1999).

Mike Lew has consulted to the National Institute of Mental Health, National Resource Centre on Child Sexual Abuse, Childhelp USA/National Child Abuse Hotline, People Against Sexual Abuse and many other organizations in the United States and abroad. He has been on the editorial board of the Journal of Child Sexual Abuse and the review board of the Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Mike has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Sally Jessy Raphael, People Are Talking and many other television and radio programs.

Nelson Mandela

"As I walked out the door towards my freedom, I knew that if I did not leave all the anger, hatred and bitterness behind, I would still be in prison"


People from all walks of life can be a victim of sexual abuse. It doesn’t matter your age, race or cultural background, everyone is at risk of becoming a victim. It must be known that you did not choose for this to happen to you, there is nothing specific about you that makes you more vulnerable to this abuse. Sexual abuse, like any form of abuse is a criminal offence and is never the fault of the person it happens to. It doesn’t matter whether you were drinking or drugging. It doesn’t matter what you were wearing or saying. It doesn’t matter if you knew the abuser or were having an argument. You are, Under No Circumstances responsible for being assaulted or sexually abused. The person who did this to you is the only person responsible for your sexual assault; they are the ones to blame.